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October 4, 2013
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AF - Alex Patel by paupourii AF - Alex Patel by paupourii

for... :iconaeriforms:.... HDfdougsijsvgsouieaoufniemf
Huge wall of text straight ahead gomen(or not). I GOT CARRIED AWAY GOMENS SO HARD, SORRY IF SOME DOESN’T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE :icontearplz: when was the last time I got carried away with an app no idea

Too long for u gomen

Tldr: hes a derp don’t even bother reading the bio

edit: I GOT IN WHEEZES :iconlazepoolplz:

Name: Alex Patel
Nickname: Alex
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: December 10
Species: Scarlet Macaw
Occupation: Toy Store Employee (–ish something im so sorry)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 90 lbs.

-Colorful items.
-Fruits and Vegetables.
-His stuff bear he would always bring around. (When he can)
-Cuddle anything warm (and preferably not human, he doesn’t want to have human contact yet with a stranger, gomen)

-Horror Stories.
-Dull, dark and boring colors.
-Spicy food. (Though he has to tolerate eating it for the sake of eating.)
-Tidying himself up. –a.k.a brushing and trying up his hair in a proper manner-
-Letting Krys tie or braid his hair cause he doesn’t approve of Alex letting his hair not tied or braided, jfc Alex just go away sobs-


Despite his colorful appearance, Alex appears to be rude, egocentric and distant at first, but he’s actually quite shy and nervous to talk with people around him, though he has an exception for children seeing as they aren’t like adults who are corrupt, judgmental and manipulative like a few he have met before in his past. He doesn’t pretty much care about his surroundings most of the time, to the point that he wouldn’t care how he looks like in public, he would always prefer to wear sweaters or anything long sleeved and something loosed. He would be blunt and little harsh when he gives his own opinions but it’s only his side of being too honest when someone would try to get an answer or an opinion coming from him. He also doesn’t get along too well with his siblings, family or people in general and would usually prefer to seek comfort on his only friend, a stuff bear he got during his younger years, whom he usually thinks is “alive” and the only thing he could possibly trust in his entire life.

If one try to get into his good side –and be his friend if possible- , one can notice how he’ll easily flinch over words that would find it offensive for him for his side. He would also be rather clingy towards the person and prefer to accompany at all times –if they allow him to.

Alex doesn’t have much of a significant or sad past, the young red head lived inside a normal family with two older brothers tailing, pestering and protecting him all too much that would sometimes annoy the young red head during his childhood, they would tutor him all he needs to learn even if he was attending school, his parents wouldn’t allow him to go outside that much and prefers him to stay indoors and let him to study more and do his school tasks, he wasn’t that much sociable during his childhood too, though he had a small amount of friends, he would still have troubles of trying to communicate with them and often shows a passive and cold attitude when he unintentionally didn’t intend to do it all, thus leaving him behind at school with no friends to be with all the time.

It wasn’t too long as he finally realized he had enough of his family’s over protectiveness on him and told him he can manage to be an independent (bird) man to work and earn himself a living and pleaded towards his family that he should live alone from now own, his brothers almost refused towards his request but, his family gave him a small proposal that they get to pick a place where he can stay and allow them to visit him in a monthly basis. Soon enough did his family told him that he was moving to Aerie and was overjoyed by this news. However, his parents still told him that one of his brother’s would try to visit him, though he didn’t paid too much attention about it and thought of what he can do when he starts living independently to his new home.

Other facts:

-His bear is two feet tall (lol, why did I even add)

-Has bad eyesight but never wears his reading glasses.

-Has two elder brothers (namely Adrian and Nico Patel.)

-Often confused to be female due to his unrealistically long hair, although he doesn’t care much about his appearance, he would sometimes feel mildly uncomfortable hearing people compare his appearance over girls or women in general.

-The bear he got was given by his ex-boyfriend (yes homo guy) before, they didn’t last that long and eventually the other man got tired over their relationship and told him that they couldn’t get along anymore with their relationship. (hhHh lazes and doesn’t explain why or he had it, but ps they were together during high school)

- Being alone scares him and freaks him out as he believes in ghosts and such. (So he’ll always try to find a way to cling unto something, be it a someone or a something –preferably plush toys ahahaha-)

-Another trait he developed is him easily getting bored; he would always try to find ways of trying to get himself entertained, be it trying to play each every toy he could find around him or do anything experimental such poking animals with a stick or pull someone’s hair just to see their reaction (and probably anything he could possibly think off.)

Gomens a million times to :iconcheeseskai: cause im 99999999999% slower than u even if I started doing my app early lol sobbing HHhhHH, sobs don’t know if hes good enough or not but im completely ded and brain is poop for too much hw and animation thingy projects oops
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I want that plushie :iconhandspazzplz:
paupourii Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
wwww its okay bby omg touches u and gently pats u we all have our mistakes :icongtthplz:

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